Questions & answers about vacation membership


It’s very simple: you purchase the time per year that you need for your vacation. In most cases this is 3-4 weeks per year.

You own the right to reside precisely for the duration of your vacations.

Purchasing a holiday home involves high one-off acquisition costs. In comparison, we not only offer you the option of booking a simple double room through a travel agency, but also significant cost savings.

With a vacation home you have 100% of the costs but only about 10% of the benefits. However, with Vacation membership you get 100% benefit and only 10% of the cost.

The right of use is limited to 30 years.

This depends on the size of the apartment or villa you are purchasing. For example, if you buy a 2-bedroom villa or apartment, you can always travel with 4 to 6 people.

You can either rent out your vacation weeks through us or simply rent them out yourself.

Of course not. You can visit your home at any time, you just have to let us know in good time.

No problem, you can swap your vacation weeks. We are connected to the largest stock exchange in the world and cover over 4500 hotels in over 105 countries.

No problem, our customer service will take care of it. You tell us when and where you would like to travel with how many people.

We are happy to help you here too.

You can use, rent, sell, bequeath, give away and exchange your Vacation membership worldwide.

Vacation membership is an exclusive and elite form of vacation membership that offers a luxurious and special way to travel. It is aimed at members who are looking for an upscale holiday experience and who need to meet specific requirements. You may not have heard of it before because it targets a selective audience and is not widely promoted.

A vacation membership is sold through direct marketing to maintain its exclusivity and ensure that it does not become a mass product. The personal approach means it remains valuable and is aimed at a selective target group that values an upscale holiday experience.

The advantages of direct marketing are many:

Targeting: Direct marketing allows companies to target their target audience by using data analysis and segmentation techniques to identify potential customers based on their interests, demographics and purchasing behavior.

Personalization: Direct marketing allows companies to create personalized messages and offers specifically tailored to the needs and preferences of individual customers. This can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Measurability: Unlike traditional advertising methods such as television commercials or print ads, direct marketing allows for precise measurement of campaign success. Companies can easily track how many customers are responding to their marketing message and which actions provide the best ROI.

Cost-effectiveness: Direct marketing can be cost-effective because companies can focus their resources on reaching potential customers directly, rather than running broad advertising campaigns that may not produce the desired results.

Interactive communication: Through direct marketing, companies can establish direct, interactive communication with their customers. This allows them to receive feedback, answer questions, and build a closer relationship with their customers.

Overall, direct marketing provides an effective way for companies to connect with their customers, personalize their marketing messages, and accurately measure the success of their campaigns.

A Vacation membership offers an affordable option for luxurious vacations for several reasons:

Cost sharing: Members share the costs of purchasing and operating the property instead of having to bear the costs of purchasing a property alone.

Usage Options: Purchasing a Vacation Membership gives you the right to use the property for a specified number of weeks or points per year, giving you access to a luxury vacation at a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own property.

Flexibility: Members often have the option to swap or rent out their weeks, which can generate additional income or add flexibility to vacation plans.

Direct marketing: Direct marketing is a cost-effective way to reach potential customers directly, allowing for more effective use of marketing budgets and a higher response rate. Direct marketing also enables new products or services to be brought to market more quickly and campaign success to be measured directly.

Overall, a Vacation membership offers the opportunity to enjoy quality vacation experiences at a very affordable price by spreading the cost across multiple members while ensuring flexibility and convenience.

The catch often lies in being skeptical of what you don’t know and also having to understand the concept of vacation membership.

  • Do you like this luxury and this way of traveling? If so, perfect.
  • Do you want to go on luxury vacations that are also cheaper than the travel agency? If so, perfect.
  • And now the last and most important question, is it financially feasible for you? If so, perfect.

Purchase your vacation weeks today and save now.