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Experience luxury and flexibility with Resort Condominium International (RCI). Access over 4,300 resorts and hotels, including 1,400 Gold Crown Resorts, in more than 100 countries. Join 3.8 million members worldwide for unparalleled vacation experiences.
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Discover the world with Interval International (II), offering access to over 3,200 resorts and hotels, all of which are 5-star properties, in more than 80 countries. Join over 2 million members in a community of luxury and adventure.

property management services

from regular maintenance and servicing of your property to billing and accounting. We also take care of paying water and electricity bills so you don't have to worry about anything else.

travel services

from flight and hotel bookings to planning excursions and local activities, we take care of everything to help you get the most out of your vacation or property ownership.

customer satisfaction

for us, customer service means that your concerns and needs are optimally met. Your satisfaction is our motivation and we do our best to exceed your expectations.

more than just a real estate company

Acasia Premium Residences is more than just a real estate company – it is a comprehensive service center for investors, property buyers and vacationers alike. With a focus on outstanding service, Acasia Premium Residences offers a variety of services that go beyond just property purchasing.

For investors, Acasia Premium Residences offers a wide range of investment opportunities ranging from luxurious pool villas to exclusive holiday apartments. Through in-depth market analysis and thorough advice, the company supports investors in making the right decision and diversifying their portfolio.

For property buyers, Acasia Premium Residences offers tailored advice to find the perfect property according to individual needs and requirements. With a broad portfolio of luxury properties and an in-depth understanding of the Phuket real estate market, the company supports its customers at every step of the buying process.

In addition, Acasia Premium Residences offers comprehensive property rental services, allowing owners to make the most of their investment property.
From marketing strategy to tenant selection to contract execution, the company takes care of all aspects of the rental process to ensure a smooth process and maximum return for the owners.

Professional property management: With an experienced team of property managers, Acasia Premium Residences also offers professional property management services. From regular maintenance and servicing to billing and accounting, the company ensures that customers’ properties are always kept in the best condition and all legal requirements are met.

In addition, Acasia Premium Residences offers a comprehensive travel service for vacationers to help them make the most of their stay in Phuket. From booking flights and hotels to organizing excursions and local activities, the company takes care of all the details to ensure guests have an unforgettable stay.

Overall, Acasia Premium Residences offers a holistic approach to property investment and vacation experiences in Phuket, characterized by world-class service, in-depth expertise and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.