Foreigners who are not working with workpermit in Thailand can not get a loan or mortage. Foreigners who working with workpermit and a Deposit payment of 50% can get a loan for property. Of course, the pledge of the object as collateral for the loan.

You are looking for an Investment in Thailand with a high Rental Return? Few of our Developers give a 3 Year Rental Guarantee return of 7 to 8 % per year. For bigger Investments for example Condominium, Hotel or Pool Villas Complex please contact us to discuss all the matters by face to face.

 Yes, you can own a house in your name, but you can not own the land, but there are a number of ways to acquire land or to invest in land: * Become a resident or citizen, * Invest in a private  Company limited (Ltd.). * 30 years lease of land

Property purchases can be purchased by foreigners under their own name. The buyer of a condo receives a certificate, which identifies him as the owner of the residential unit. The financial resources for the purchase of the condominium must be transferred from abroad in foreign currency to a bank account in Thailand registered in the name

To Rent Property in Thailand, contact Acasia Estate Phuket and make an appointment with one of our proffessionel Sales Agent to get the right property for you. Our Team will assist you still we found the perfect Object for you. Finally you have to make the decision of the property which you prefer, after your

The Terms are as follow: Security Deposit of 2 month Rental Fee Plus 1 month Rental Fee in advance all Fees are payable on the Day of signature of the Rental Agreement

After the Rental Contract is expiered the Tenant have to move out. The Landlord an the Sales Agent from Acasia Estate will inspect the property of damages and cleanliness. If no damages and a clean property the Security Deposit will be refund after 4 Weeks to the Tenant.

Normaly the Landlords refund the Security Deposit after 4 weeks after move out of the property to be sure that water and electric bills are paid to the goverment. Most of the times the Landlords payback on Check out day if the Tenant shows the receive of all payments to the goverment.

There are few ways: The Tenant pay the bill at seven/eleven (7/11) Supermarkets. Tenant pay the bill by Banktransfer. Tenant pay the bill to the Landlord.

There are few ways to pay the monthly Rental fee: 1.) Pay the rent by banktransfer direct to the landlord 2.) Pay the Rent cash to the landlord (with receive only) 3.) Pay the rent cash to Acasia Estate (with receive only) Notice: Acasia Estate charge Service fee 350 Baht/monthly.

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